Baby Washington That's How Heartaches Are Made

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This special release includes 30 studio tracks, consisting of a selection of the sensational recordings Washington made for the oft-overlooked Sue, J&S, and Neptune labels, as well as for the major ABC-Paramount, between 1958 and 1962. Twelve of these splendid songs would conform Washington's debut LP, the iconic That's How Heartaches are Made, originally issued by Sue Records. All of these great songs have been remastered in this collector's edition, which gives ample proof of Baby Washington's versatility as well as her rightful place in the R&B and early soul pantheon.


“BABY” WASHINGTON, lead vocals, plus:
The orchestras of Marty Edwards, Bert Keyes and Sammy Love, among others.

Recorded in New York, between 1958 and 1962.


01 Deep Down Love
02 I've Got a Feeling
03 Hush Heart
04 Move On
05 Money's Funny
06 Work Out
07 There Must Be a Reason
08 A Handful of Memories
09 Your Mama Knows What's Right
10 Knock Yourself Out
11 Let Love Go By
12 You or Me Have Got to Go
13 The Ballad of Bobby Dawn
14 No Tears
15 The Bells (On Our Wedding Day)
16 Leave Me Alone
17 I Want Your Love Tonight
18 That's How Heartaches Are Made
19 Doodlin'
20 Medicine Man
21 Go On
22 Why Did My Baby Put Me Down
23 You Never Could Be Mine
24 Careless Hands
25 There He Is
26 Too Late
27 If I Had Known
28 Standing On the Pier
29 You and the Night and the Music
30 Goodbye, Baby

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