Lee Dorsey Ya! Ya!

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This essential LP edition includes Dorsey's classic debut album, Ya! Ya!, which has been long unavailable on vinyl. It was originally issued in 1961 by the small Fury label and was produced by the always fascinating Allen Toussaint, as well as Marshall Sehorn and the legendary Bobby Robinson. The LP contains highlights from the Crescent City scene like the #1 hit tittle song, "Ya Ya”, plus other joyful R&B cuts such as “Eenie Meenie Mini Mo,” “Yum Yum,” “Chin Chin,” and “Give Me You”. This set showcases Dorsey's sly, playful, and demonstrative vocals, plus accompaniment by saxophonist Harold Battiste and his band, featuring some of New Orleans' finest session cats (such as Alvin “Red” Tyler, Roy Montrell, and John Boudreaux).

In addition to the original masterpiece, this WaxTime collector's edition also includes 3 bonus tracks, consisting of lesser-known singles from the same period.


LEE DORSEY, lead vocals, plus:

Harold Battiste (ts), Alvin “Red” Tyler (bs), Melvin Lastie (tp), Roy Montrell (g),
Chuck Badie (b), Allen Toussaint, Marcel Richardson (p), John Boudreaux (d).
Recorded at Cosimo Studio, New Orleans, 1961.
Lee Dorsey (lead vocals) plus unidentified personnel.

Recorded at Cosimo Studio, New Orleans, 1962.


01 Ya Ya
02 Give Me You
03 Do-Re-Mi
04 People Gonna Talk
05 Chin Chin
06 Mess Around
07 Lottie-Mo (*)


01 Eenie Meenie Mini Mo
02 One and One
03 Yum Yum
04 Ixie Dixie Pixie Pie
05 Behind the 8-Ball
06 Lover of Love (*)
07 Hoodlum Joe (*)


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