Roger Miller Hitch-Hiker: 1957-62 Honky-Tonk Recordings

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One of the most multifaceted talents country music has ever known, Roger Dean Miller left a musical legacy of astonishing depth and range. A struggling honky-tonk singer and songwriter, Miller first hit Nashville in 1957. He would blossom into a country-pop superstar in the 1960s with self-penned crossover hits like “Dang Me” and “King of the Road.”

This release includes 30 seminal and harder-edged studio recordings by Roger Miller, consisting of the superb singles he made for the Starday, Decca, and RCA-Victor labels, between 1957 and 1962. All of these great songs have been remastered in this collector's edition, which gives ample proof of Miller's honky-tonk roots, as well as his rightful place in the country music pantheon.

ROGER MILLER, lead vocals, plus:

Hank Garland, Grady Martin, Velma Smith (guitar), Sonny Burnett (steel guitar),
Bob Moore (bass), Floyd Cramer, Hargus Robbins (piano), Buddy Harman (drums),
Anita Kerr Singers (backing vocals), among others.

Recorded in Nashville and Houston, 1957-1962.



01. Trouble on the Turnpike
02. Burma Shave
03. Jason Fleming
04. Poor Little John
05. Footprints in the Snow
06. Hitch-Hiker
07. Can't Stop Loving You
08. Every Which-A-Way
09. Sweet Ramona
10. I Ain't Never
11. Country Girl
12. Hey, Little Star
13. My Pillow
14. You're Forgetting Me
15. Mine Is a Lonely Life
16. Fair Swiss Maiden
17. When Two Worlds Collide
18. The Wrong Kind of Girl
19. A Man Like Me
20. Jimmie Brown the Newsboy
21. The Tip of My Fingers
22. I Wish that I Could Fall in Love Today
23. Under Your Spell Again
24. Lock, Stock and Teardrops
25. I Know Who It Is (and I'm Gonna Tell on Him)
26. I Catch Myself Crying
27. You Can't Do Me This Way
28. Who Shot Sam
29. (In the Summertime) You Don't Want My Love
30. Sorry, Willie

TOTAL TIME: 67:46 Min.

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