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This edition contains Buddy Holly's magnificent but lesser-known third album, That'll Be the Day, which was originally released by the Decca label in 1958, and has been long unavailable on vinyl. The LP contains 11 songs, recorded in 1956 (including the original and slower version of the title track), before Holly signed with the Brunswick imprint.

In addition to the original masterpiece, this WaxTime collector's item includes 2 bonus tracks recorded by Holly with The Crickets in early 1958: “Take Your Time” and “Think It Over.” Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of Buddy Holly's work is that although he died fifty-seven years ago, his records still sound so fresh.


BUDDY HOLLY, lead vocals and guitar on all tracks, plus:

SIDE A [1, 3 & 4]: Grady Martin, Harold Bradley (g), Don Guess (b),
Floyd Cramer (p), Farris Coursey (d), Elbert R. “Dutch” McMillan (as).
Recorded at Music City Recordings studio, Nashville, Tennessee, November 15, 1956.

SIDE A [2] / SIDE B [2, 4 & 5]:
Grady Martin, Sonny Curtis (g), Don Guess (b), Doug Kirkham (perc).
Recorded at Music City Recordings studio, Nashville, Tennessee, January 26, 1956.

SIDE A [5 & 6] / SIDE B [1 & 3]:
Sonny Curtis (g), Don Guess (b), Jerry Allison (perc).
Recorded at Music City Recordings studio, Nashville, Tennessee, July 22, 1956.

SIDE A [7] / SIDE B [6]:
The Crickets, feat. Joe B. Mauldin (b), and Jerry Allison (d),
with Norman Petty (org), Vi Petty (p), and The Roses (overdubbed backing vocals). Recorded at his studio in Clovis, California, February 14 & 19, 1958.

01 You Are My One Desire
02 Blue Days – Black Nights
03 Modern Don Juan
04 Rock Around with Ollie Vee
05 Ting-A-Ling
06 Girl on My Mind
07 Take Your Time (*)

01 That'll Be the Day – first version (1956)
02 Love Me
03 I'm Changing All Those Changes
04 Don't Come Back Knockin'
05 Midnight Shift
06 Think It Over (*)

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